Part I - Fee Based Products

Part II - BondDesk

Part III - Plus Account

Part IV - Brokerage Account

Part V - IRA’s

Part VI - Annuities

Part VII – Mutual Funds

      Section A - Mutual Fund List

      Section B -  "No Ticket Charge" Mutual Fund List

      Section C – International Client Mutual Fund List




Part I


Fee-Based Products


Union Capital offers through our clearing firm the following products for Registered Representative’s Fee- Based Business.


Brokerage Choice® - Asset Choice is a non-advisory, non-discretionary, fee-based brokerage account that allows clients to buy, sell and hold a variety of securities for an annual fee. 


Fund Service Gateway® - is a mutual fund No-Transaction wrap program that provides clients with access to a wide range of mutual funds from some of the top fund families.

This program allows Registered Representatives charging advisory fees to buy, sell and exchange no-load and load-waived mutual funds without incurring ticket charges. Clients receive one monthly statement consolidating all investments with their other account holdings held in a brokerage account. These comprehensive monthly statements detail account balances, positions, distributions and transaction history, and helps alleviate the amount of paperwork a client would receive if holding these investments directly with the independent product providers.


Resource II - is a fee-based program that lets you offer your clients access to private account management from some of the top institutional money managers in the country.  Resource II is a multi-manager wrap fee program designed to give high-net worth individuals and small-to-medium sized institutional clients access to top-tier money managers for one all-inclusive fee. Resource II gives clients access to money managers for much less than their usual account minimums of up to $5 million.

Resource II gives registered representative’s access to the expertise of world-class money managers who know the market and select investments that are appropriate for specific objectives and risk parameters. The managers represent a number of major asset classes and a variety of investment styles.


Total Strategy Account - allows clients to bring their investments together in one account, including money managers, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.


UMAS - The Unbundled Managed Account Solutions Program offers Union Capital’s Registered Representative’s the operational systems to facilitate fee-based account programs for their clients.


Additionally, the following Fee Based supporting software is available at discounted prices:

Frontier Analytics - AllocationMaster

Thompson Financial - Investment View





Part II




BondDesk is a web-based fixed income system for all business lines through our clearing firm purchased from a third-party software vendor.


BondDesk displays offerings from a total of 89 participating broker/dealers, including Goldman Sachs, RBC Dain Raucher, Bear Stearns, A.G Edwards, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Raymond James, UBS Financial Services, etc.


The BondDesk platform is a real-time, secure infrastructure that supports the collection, management, display and execution of fixed income security offerings.


BondDesk has several advanced features including a bond calculator, bond ladder functionality, and a client-friendly offer sheet feature in PDF format. The tools are particularly helpful for RRs who do sophisticated or high-volume, retail fixed income business.


Bid Wanted and Offer Wanted requests can be transacted directly on the BondDesk website.


The following fixed income inventory can be found daily on BondDesk:


·         Agency

·         Certificate of Deposit

·         Corporate

·         Municipal

·         Treasury

·         Mortgage CMO ABS

·         Mortgage Pools

·         Primary offerings

·         When Issue offerings


Part III


Plus Account


Union Capital’s Plus Account:

Money Market Checking with Visa Debit Card



The Union Capital Plus Account has the following features and benefits:




A Brokerage Account

A Money Market Account

A Checking Account

A Visa Gold Check Card

Online Access 24 hours a day


Discover the convenience of having all of your account activity detailed in one account statement. 




The account is FREE for Customers with account(s) balances of $200,000 Dollars or more.

Customers with balances under $200,000 Dollars pay an Annual fee of only $125 Dollars per year.


Part IV


Brokerage Account


Union Capital Brokerage Account:

Money Market Checking



The Union Capital Brokerage Account has the following features and benefits:




A Brokerage Account

A Money Market Account

A Checking Account

Online Access 24 hours a day


A convenient account with check writing priviledges and online access. 




This account has no annual fee.

Customer accounts with no activity for a full year have a $35 fee.




Part V




Account Types


Individual Plans

Minor IRAs

Roth IRA Plans

Traditional IRA Plans


Group Plans


401(k) Plans

403(b) Plans

Money Purchase Pension Plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Simple IRA Plans

Simplified Employee Pension Plans


Part VI




As an independent broker/dealer, Union Capital Company offers no proprietary products. This allows registered representatives the freedom to provide from a wide selection of investment products and services designed for the Client.


The Following Annuities are currently available, and we can quickly obtain additional Annuities for any product provider not currently on our list.

AIG Sun America



Genworth Financial

Hartford Life


Jackson National Life

John Hancock

Lincoln Financial Group



 Pacific Life


Part VII


Mutual Funds – Section A


As an independent broker/dealer, Union Capital Company offers no proprietary products. This allows registered representatives the freedom to provide from a wide selection of investment products and services.


The Following Mutual Fund families are currently available, and we can quickly obtain additional mutual funds for any product provider not currently on our list.


ABN                          Amro                         FBR Laudus                                  RS Investments           

AIM                          Federated                 Lazard                                             Rydex

AI Frank                   Fidelity Advisors   Leuthold                                         Salomon Brother

Alger                         Fifth Third               Light Revolution                          Santa Barbara Group

Alliance                    First American        Longleaf Partners                         Saratoga

Alpine                      First Eagle                Loomis Sayles                              Schroder

American                 Firsthand                 Lord Abbett                                  Schwartz

American                Advantage               FMI                                                Mainstay  Scudder 

American                Century                    Franklin/Templeton                      Managers  Security

American                Growth                     Frank Russell                                 Marsico   SEI

Armsouth               Gabelli                      Marshall                                          Selected American

Aquila                     GAM                       Master’ Select                                Seligman

Aquinas                  Gartmore                 Matthews International               Sentinel

Ariel                         Gateway                 McIntyre                                        Sit

Armada                   GE Investments     Merrill Lynch                                State Street Research

Artisan                    Glenmede               MFS                                                STI Classic

Ave Maria              Golden Gate           MMA Praxis                                  Strategic Partners

AXA                        Goldman Sachs     Mosaic                                           Statton 

Baron                      Grand Prix               Muhlenkamp                                 Strong

Blackrock               Guardian                 Munder                                          Summit

BNY                        Hamilton                 Guinness Atkinson  Nations      Sun America

Brandywine           Harbor                     Navellier                                        T Rowe Price

Brazos                    Hartford                  Neuberger & Berman                   TA Idex

Buffalo                   Heartland               Nicholas                                         Tamarack

Burnham                Henderson             Global  North Track                     TCW Galileo

Calamos                 Henlopen               Nuveen                                          Texas Capital Value

Calvert                   Heritage                  Oak Associates                            Third Avenue

CDC Nvest           Highmark                 Oakmard                                        Third Millennium Russia

Century                 Hotchkin&Wiley   Olstein                                           Thornburg

Chase                     ICM                         One Group                                    Timothy Plan

Citizen                    IMS                         Oppenheimer                                Tocqueville

Cohen& Steers     ING                          Pacific Life (PF)                            Touchstone

Colorado Bondshares Intergrity         Parnassus                                     Turner

Columbia               ISI                             Pax World                                    UBS

Credit Suisse        Ivy                            PBHG                                            Undiscovered Managers 

Davis                    James Advantage   Perkins                                          ValueLine

Dean                     Janus                        Phoenix                                         Van Eck

Delafield              John Hancock          PIMCO                                         Van Kampen

Delaware Doge & Cox JP Morgan     Pioneer                                         Van Wagoner

Dreyfus               Julius Baer               Principal (Princor)                       Vanguard

Eaton Vance       Jundt                        Pro Funds                                     Victory

Emerald               Keeley                      Prudent                                         Wasatch

Enterprise           Kelmoore                 Putnam                                          Wells Fargo

Evergreen           Kensington             Quaker                                          Wells Real Estate

Enterprise           Kopp                        Royce                                           William Blair

                                                                                                                     Wilshire Target

                                                                                                                     WM Group




Mutual Funds – Section B


“No Ticket Charge”

Mutual Fund List


The following list represents the Premier Fund Families participating in the No Transaction Fee ”NTF” Program, which allows you to buy, sell and exchange load and no-load mutual funds without incurring ticket charges. 


AIG SunAmerica




Bear Stearns

(merge with Dreyfus)






Fifth Third

First Eagle / SoGen

Goldman Sachs





(merge with One Group)

James Advantage

Janus Advisor

Kelmoore Investments

Lord Abbett





RS investments


T Rowe Price

(Advisor Class Only)

Third Avenue




Van Kampen

WM Group




Mutual Funds – Section C


For International Clients Only


As an independent broker/dealer, Union Capital Company offers no proprietary products. This allows registered representatives the freedom to provide from a wide selection of investment products and services designed for the International Client.


The Following Offshore Mutual Funds are currently available, and we can quickly obtain additional mutual funds for any product provider not currently on our list.


Legg Mason Offshore Funds

Legg Mason Growth Fund, Class A,B,C

Legg Mason Value Fund, Class A,B,C

PCM U.S. Select Value Fund, Class A,B,C

Royce U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund, Class A,B,C

Royce 100 Equity Fund, Class A,B,C

Batterymarch European Equity Fund, Class A,B,C

Batterymarch Pacific Equity Fund, Class A,B,C

Western Asset U.S. Money Market Fund, Class A,B,C

Western asset U.S. Core Bond Fund, Class A,B,C

Western asset Euro Core Bond Fund, Class A,B,C

Western Asset Diversified strategic Income Bond Fund, Class A,B,C

Western Asset Global Multi Strategy Fund, Class A,B,C

Western Asset U.S. High Yield Bond Fund, Class A,B,C,

Western Asset Emerging Markets Bond Fund, Class A,B,C

Brandywine Global Opportunities Bond Fund, Class A,B,C



AIM Offshore Funds

AIM Capital Aggressive Growth Fund A      

AIM Capital Aggressive Growth Fund B        

AIM Capital Constellation Fund A        

AIM Capital Constellation Fund B                

AIM Capital Weingarten Fund A            

AIM Capital Weingarten Fund B          

AIM Capital Global Growth Fund A                

AIM Capital Global Growth Fund B                

AIM Capital Strategic Income Fund A             

AIM Capital Strategic Income Fund B             

MFS Meridian Offshore Funds

MFS Meridian US Govt Fund                

MFS Meridian Global Govt Fund            

MFS Meridian Global Equity Fund         

MFS Meridian Multi Currency           

MFS Meridian Money Market Fund          

MFS Meridian US Emerging Growth Fund          

MFS Meridian US Equity Fund              

MFS Meridian World Total Return Fund           

MFS Meridian World Growth Fund        

MFS Meridian Research Class B            

MFS Meridian Charter Inc                

MFS Meridian Value                


Putnam Offshore Funds

Diversified Income Fund A             

Diversified Income Fund B             

Emerging Information Sciences Fund A        

Emerging Information Sciences Fund B      

Emerging Markest Fund A      

Emerging Markest Fund B       

Europe Growth Fund A          

Europe Growth Fund B          

Global Governmental Income Fund A           

Global Governmental Income Fund B           

Global Growth Fund A         

Global Growth Fund B          

Growth & Income Fund A       

Growth & Income Fund B        

High Yield Fund A             

High Yield Fund B             

International Growth & Income Fund A          

International Growth & Income Fund B          

International Growth Fund A           

International Growth Fund B           

International New Opportunities Fund A        

International New Opportunities Fund B        

Investors Fund A              

Investors Fund B              

Money Market Fund A           

Money Market Fund B           

New Opportunities Fund A          

New Opportunities Fund B            

The George Putnam Fund A          

The George Putnam Fund B          

US Government Income Fund A        

US Government Income Fund B        

Vista Fund A          

Vista Fund B