Technology & Research

Infoworks - Technology Platform

Infoworks is a link to broker workstation tools, where you enter trades, receive quotes, generate client reports and much more.

InfoWorkS serves as the portal to all of the technology offerings. By customizing your own Workstation Tools module on the home page, you’ll be one click away from all the applications you are entitled to, such as FC Weblink, BETALink, DocuSearch, FC Connect, Research, BondDesk, and others.

InfoWorkS serves as the primary communication vehicle, creating the following advantages over traditional forms of communication:

One source for all of the information a Registered Representative needs;
More timely announcements;
A search tool to retrieve and view current and archived information;
Current information;
Quick, online telephone directories.

The information on InfoWorkS is published by more than 40 content contributors. Their goal is to keep the site current and interesting so Registered Representatives can always find the most up-to-date information.

FC Weblink and BETALink are comprehensive integrated and web based broker tools that display client records and historical data in a clear, concise manner directly on your desktop. FC Weblink and BETALink combines ORDER ENTRY, customer reporting and portfolio management into one easy-to-use system. 

Other features include:
Receive daily real-time account information including activity, positions, balances, and open orders.
Search, sort, and query based on any of your client activity, position and balance data
Look up securities via symbol or cusip number and display detailed security information
Display market value of clients' positions
Calculate commissions and net proceeds quickly
Perform realized tax lot accounting for the customer for all accounts 
Produce numerous performance analysis reports and graphs
Perform portfolio analysis against a wide range of industry-standard indices
View consolidated account summary information on one screen 

Docu-Search Client – This allows registered representatives to easily view and print confirmations, statements, tax reporting information, and other client documentation via the internet. This allows the registered representative the flexibility to maintain backup copies of client information in a secure environment, and the ability to retrieve these documents at a moments notice.

Docu-Search FC - provides online acess to your commissions analysis and client required minimum distribution reports.

Investor – Connect – This is a secure client web site that enables your clients to access updated account and market information through a single point of entry 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Clients receive daily real-time account information including activity, positions, balances, and open orders.  In Addition, your clients can easily view and print confirmations, statements and tax reporting information (if applicable).

FC Connect – Allows the registered representative to view his/her client registration list and registration summary for clients that are set up for Investor – Connect.  In addition,
the registered representative can view the clients Investor – Connect exactly as shown to client and monitor clients online activity.

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Top-rated Industry Research Available

One of the ways you can differentiate yourself from your competition is through access to top-quality research.  Union Capital has put together a great package exclusively for our Registered Representatives to give you one source for online research.

Through our clearing firm’s research site, Research Connect (powered by, you can access research sorted by industry, analyst or subject and e-mail alerts on new research.  You’ll also get instant access, by symbol to reports by these top research providers:

Credit Suisse First Boston
Argus Research Corporation
RBC Capital Markets
RBC Dain Rauscher Proprietary Research

This research is available in PDF format for instant downloading and printing.

Some of the Research Reports available are as follows:
Morning Comment Summary
Equity Daily Corporate notes
Economic Commentary
Investor’s Select Universe
Fixed Income Corporate Notes
Muni Bond Market review
Municipal Strategist

Special subscription discounts are available for these other high quality third party research providers:
Standard & Poor’s MarketScope
Standard & Poor’s Advisor Insight
Dow Jones Newswires